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XPERTEACH have incorporated years of both
Educational Recruitment and teaching knowledge to provide the perfect solution to your staffing

With over ten years experience we know that teacher quality and listening to the needs of your school and the needs of our teachers will ensure that nothing but the highest level of client and
candidate satisfaction is achieved.

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Welcome to XpertTeach Website

XPERTEACH supplies teaching staff to schools in London and the surrounding counties. XPERTEACH are a bespoke, highly experienced education recruiter with excellent industry contacts.

If you have a teaching qualification and want to teach in the UK, XPERTEACH can find you the school that will suit your requirements


XPERTEACH offers the perfect solution to your staffing requirements - our focus is purely on listening to your needs and delivering quality teachers. For your convenience, our offices are staffed from 06:30 to 18:30 and our consultants are also available out of hours.

“ I have found XPERTEACH to be effective organisation, whatever the needs of the school. No phone call or request goes unanswered and they have good quality teachers available, who can slot into most school situations.”

Don Goff…John Kelly Technology Boys College.